How to use Neem leaves for cystic acne treatment?

Neem leaves for cystic acne treatment

Neem acts as a detoxifying agent. Neem has amazing antibacterial properties. They are helpful in the inflammation reduction and formation of pus too. The best way to treat cystic acne is by Neem. Take some Neem leaves and boil them in two-three cups of the water. Strain that water and leave it for some time. When it gets cool then drink it at regular intervals throughout the day. The other way of using Neem for cystic acne is to apply Neem oil with the help of a cotton swab on your acne. Last but not least is to grind some leaves with three-four water drops .apply it for the whole night on the pimple. Use cold water for rinsing in the morning, and repeat the same process thrice a week. Here we will discuss the Neem leaves treatment for acne.

Neem Paste

The best method of acne treatment with Neem is to use the paste of the Neem. You can easily make the paste of the Neem by cursing the Neem leaves in a juicer or you can use a mortar and install type for this purpose. You will need drops of water too in the cursing process. Then use this paste with the help of a cotton ball on your face. After applying it in your face wait for 30 minutes. When the paste on your face gets dry then wash it with water. Repeat the procedure every day for a better result.

Turmeric & Neem

The mixture of turmeric and Neem is another best way for acne treatment. The mixture can be made by the use of the proportionate amount of the turmeric powder and fresh minced Neem leaves. Add drops of water in it and create a paste. Use a cotton ball and massage the paste on the acne of your face. Do it for 20 25 minutes. Then leave it for 30 minutes. After drying of the paste wash it with cleans nit water. Repeated the procedure every day for getting better results.

Multan Mitta & Neem

You can use Neem with the faker earth as well for the acne treatment. Take in a tablespoon of the Multan mite and 1 tablespoon of rose water. Mix them with the Neem minced leaves paste. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. After drying as the face with water. For better results repeat the process every day.

Sandalwood & Neem

The way of using a Neem for acne treatment is to use the power of the sandalwood with the Neem powder. Make a mixture by adding water. Massage for a face with this paste. After massaging wait for the 25 minutes and then after drying wash them with warm water, for better results use it every day.

Neem Oil

You can use the mixture of Neem oil with coconut or any other oil as well the mixture can be created by mixing a few drops of the Neem and olive or coconut oil. Mix them properly. Massage the face with this old mixture gently, leave it for the whole night on your face, next morning wash with normal water not too cold or warm.

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